The UVphotonics team

The UVphotonics team has four members who cover the full range from epitaxy over front- and back-end processing to characterization, marketing & sales and commercial requirements.
Dr. Neysha Lobo Ploch and Dr. Jens Rass are the CEOs.

 Dr. Neysha Lobo Ploch (CEO)
– Marketing
– Sales
– Quality management
– LED Mounting



Dr. Jens Rass (CEO)
– LED Processing
– Technology development



Dr. Tim Kolbe
– Epitaxy
– Material development




Walter Gibas
– Commercial management
– Finances
– Personnel management
– Accounting




The founding team is supported by four mentors who are established scientists in the field of semiconductor devices, Prof. Dr. Michael Kneissl, Prof. Dr. Günther Tränkle, Prof. Dr. Markus Weyers and Dr. Sven Einfeldt.


photo credits: Kolbe/Lobo Ploch/ Gibas © M.Keller, Rass © FBH/G. Gurr